TikTok parent’s reward system hack helps practice positive reinforcement

This TikTok mom’s clever reward system parenting hack has viewers applauding her positive reinforcement.

TikToker Kelsey Venkov (@kelseyvenkov) is a busy parent and blogger who often shares parenting and lifestyle-related content. In one of Venkov’s videos, she explains how she uses a reward system with her daughter as an incentive to complete tasks, and viewers have fallen in love with the idea!

The clip begins with a shot of a large circular beige canvas box. “I’m not against bribing in this house,” Venkov notes over footage of her removing the box’s lid, revealing an empty vessel that’s all set to store some fun surprises. 

Venkov explains how a reward system helps give kids an “incentive to get things done, and then they get a fun surprise to pick out of the box.” 

A trip to the local dollar store proved successful, as the footage shows Venkov placing one treat after another into the box. 

“Any time she does her chores, brushes her teeth, [and] goes potty, then she will get to do this,” Venkov says while placing a fun assortment of princess-themed stickers, miniature figurines, and candy in the box

Venkov closes the video by saying that she hopes this exercise will teach her daughter responsibility in addition to being fun. 

Viewers loved Venkov’s reward system idea and agreed that it’s an excellent method for shaping positive behavior in kids.

“My daughter’s teacher once told me that she wasn’t against bribing because we all do things for a reason. She said, ‘I mean, I go to work for a paycheck,’” one parent shared. 

“This is called positive reinforcement, and it’s actually one of the strongest models of teaching kids. It’s more effective than negative reinforcement,” noted one TikToker. 

“It’s reinforcement. First, you do what I want you to do, then you get to pick what you want! Just like first I go to work, then I get a paycheck,” one user affirmed. 

Whether or not you use a similar system with your kids, rewarding a child for doing the right things is more beneficial to their development than focusing on what they did wrong.

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