Touching moment between mailman and little girl brings viewers to tears: ‘My heart needed [this]’

A video of a little girl and her special ritual with a mailman has gone viral

The girl’s father, who goes by Dr. David DC on social media, posted a video featuring the pair.

Ian Simon, the “self-proclaimed mailman of the year,” delivers mail to Dr. David DC’s home every day. And every day, Dr. David DC’s daughter stands by the window, on top of the couch, waiting to catch a glimpse of the courier.

When Simon arrives, the two dance, each on either side of the glass — and it’s just pure joy.

“Being stuck at home during the pandemic has been hard on her too,” the video caption stated. “But she has a friend. Every day since she was able to stand, she had a visitor. His name is Ian and he’s our mailman. And for a few moments every day, they dance.” 

Dr. David DC said even the neighbors noticed his daughter’s special bond with Simon and dance with him sometimes too.

The video from Nov. 18 has received over 179,000 views on Instagram and tons of heartfelt comments. 

“The sweetest thing in the world. My goodness, it made me cry immediately! Both of my parents were postal workers and I appreciate this so much!” one user commented.

“Thank you so much for making and sharing this. My heart needed it. They are both precious,” another said.

“This makes my heart happy!!” a third user wrote. “Can’t stop crying, what a wonderful mailman.”

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