Postmates customer makes ‘wild’ discovery while waiting for delivery order

A Postmates delivery customer is going viral after sharing the unusual way she picked up her food.

TikTok user @juicybodygoddess shared the encounter in a video that now has more than 1.2 million views. The heartwarming clip is sparking a wide-ranging conversation about why it’s important to tip delivery drivers.

The video begins with @juicybodygoddess walking through a parking lot. She then proceeds to explain that, on his way to drop off her food, her Postmates delivery driver was involved in a car accident.

“So, we’re walking to him to get our food,” the TikToker says. “We walked, and he really did get in an accident.”

As @juicybodygoddess approaches the scene, she shows the aftermath of the accident. There’s an ambulance present, and it appears as though one car has had its fender smashed in.


I’m so sorry but we hungry baby

♬ original sound – JuicyBodyGoddess

Thankfully, the Postmates driver assures @juicybodygoddess that everyone is OK. Then, in a hilarious and warm-hearted exchange, the TikToker decides to finally ask for her food.

“Look, I’m so sorry about the accident, but can we have our food?” she says.

The Postmates delivery driver opens the door of his damaged car and hands @juicybodygoddess her food. She thanks him, and assures him he’ll be getting a big tip.

TikTok users were largely blown away by the exchange. Many called the incident “wild,” and praised both @juicybodygoddess and the driver for their reactions.

“You handled this perfectly, and he was so cool,” one commenter wrote.

“Glad everyone is OK and at least you got curbside delivery,” another joked.

Some commenters, however, wrote that they didn’t believe someone would give a big tip after walking all the way to their delivery order. So, @juicybodygoddess decided to prove just how much she appreciated her driver’s positive attitude.

In a follow-up clip, @juicybodygoddess revealed that she gave her Postmates delivery worker a whopping $200 tip.

“For all the weirdos saying that I did not tip — here you go,” the TikToker said. “You treat me good, [if] my food’s good, Black people do tip.”


Reply to @psychochicky I ALWAYS TIP IF SERVICE IS GOOD!

♬ original sound – JuicyBodyGoddess

The viral moment comes after a series of recent TikToks have ignited massive debates about the importance of tipping.

In February, an Uber Eats driver drew millions of views after posting his tearful reaction to a delivery gone wrong. Days later, a Domino’s Pizza driver went viral after a co-worker filmed his frustrated response to a low-paying delivery.

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