Confident mom lets ‘it all hang out’ at the pool because her body ‘created humans’

Sometimes you just got to shake what your mama gave you! 

Monica Murphy is a mom on TikTok who is all about “realness” and body acceptance. This summer, she wasn’t afraid to strut her stuff and proudly flaunt her postpartum body at the pool. Murphy wasn’t always confident; she struggled with body image issues before learning that “all bodies aren’t the same.” Now, she embraces just how miraculous her body is.

“On my way to let it all hang out at the pool because the body created humans and I don’t have time to be self-conscious about it,” the video text said

The mom wore a sheer yellow beach robe and a white bikini. She wasn’t afraid to show off her body as she cheekily danced with a pool noodle.

People praised the mom’s confidence and hoped some of it would rub off on them. 

“The beach gets whatever body we give it!” a user said.  

“Energy we all need to manifest,” another commented

“I need all these kind of TikToks before we go on holiday on the beach next week!!! Looking for some confidence! Looking good mama!!” someone added

“I feel the same way since becoming pregnant. Our bodies are incredible and deserve to be celebrated,” a person wrote

“I turned 40 and immediately stopped hiding my body. Wearing a bikini for the first time in 20 years and loving it!” a TikToker replied

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