Postpartum mom in ‘survival mode’ captures how ‘crazy’ she’s going in viral TikTok

A mom captured the frantic reality of life with a newborn, and the painfully relatable footage is going viral.

Mom of two Allex (@allexoxo) gained over 3 million views and nearly 10,000 comments when she posted the video to her account.

Now, much like the mom who filmed a beautifully vulnerable moment just two hours after giving birth, Allex’s viral video is helping parents of newborns know they’re not alone.


everything about this video describes how crazy I’m going πŸ€ͺ laundry everywhere, hair, crying #newborn #postpartum #momsoftiktok #everythingisok

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In the video, Allex starts recording the moment she picks up her wailing newborn.

“Everything about this video describes how crazy I’m going,” her caption reads. “Laundry everywhere, hair, crying…”

As the frenzied mom bounces the red-faced baby and hops around, she rhythmically chants, “Everything’s OK, everything’s OK!”

Slowly, the baby starts to calm down as Allex continues to bounce and sway.

“Let’s get it, let’s get it!… I thought he pooped, but he didn’t… He just threw up in his hair,” she says in a sing-song voice.

“Are you alright? OK! OK,” Allex sighs, popping a pacifier in her now-calm baby’s mouth.

‘My life summed up in a single video…’

Thousands of TikTok parents came forward to assure Allex that she was not alone.

“Are we all just living in survival mode at this point? Lord, be with us!” one parent prayed.

“My life summed up in a single video,” another parent wrote.

“I feel like I just watched a video of myself,” commented another parent.

“It’s either we gonna sing or we gonna cry. One or the other,” wrote one parent.

“This is 100% the best video about what a normal newborn phase is like. You are killing it!” applauded another parent.

“Saving this. Need for tonight’s ‘random screaming session’ with my 6-month-old,” another tired parent wrote.

Allex was clearly touched and reassured by everyone’s reactions. “I’m so glad I’m not alone in this craziness,” she wrote in the comments.

Allex’s video and the thousands of comments it inspired prove just how important it is for parents to find support and a sense of community when raising little ones β€” and how crucial a good laugh can be!

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