Teach kids the importance of kindness with this fun DIY ‘pot of kindness’ wall

This TikTok parent’s “rainbow pot of kindness wall” is a DIY kid-friendly crafting activity that teaches toddlers the importance of being kind to one another! 

Celena Kinsey (@celenakinsey) is a TikToker and parent who frequently posts clips of DIY projects and sensory play activities. Recently, the crafty mom shared a charming crafting activity for making a rainbow pot of kindness wall, and it’s a super creative way to teach kids the importance of small acts of kindness.

In the clip, Kinsey takes viewers through a step-by-step tutorial on constructing the rainbow kindness wall. 

According to Kinsey’s instructions, begin by tracing your child’s hand over a colorful assortment of construction paper sheets. 

Cut out 31 of the hand tracings to represent each day of the month. Then, on each handprint, write down an act of kindness your child can do every day for their loved ones, such as “Help clean up” or “Call a grandparent.” 

Next, draw a pot on a piece of cardboard, cut it out, and paint it black. Decorate the pot with shamrocks and paint “Pot Of Kindness” on it in white. 

Tape the pot to the bottom of a wall, then tape the hand tracings in a rainbow pattern starting from the pot’s opening to form an arch.  

Finally, cut a few large, fluffy-looking clouds out of white construction paper and tape them on the other side of the rainbow. 

Kinsey closes the video explaining that her goal with this exercise is to teach her toddler “how easy it is to be kind and help others with one small act a day.”

Viewers fell in love with Kinsey’s colorful kindness project and took to the comments to share their appreciation. 

“So sweet! We love all things rainbow,” gushed one user. 

“Yes, I am telling my mom we need to do that,” one TikToker noted.

“This is so adorable! I absolutely love this,” complimented one parent. 

As Kinsey’s colorful pot of kindness wall demonstrates, a few simple crafting supplies can make for a fun and reflective endeavor.

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