A TikTok-famous song about potatoes is under fire for inspiring a creepy trend

A TikTok trend that had users lip-syncing to audio of a child singing a song about potatoes went south quickly.

The audio, which was the theme song to a 2011 animated series on BBC called Small Potatoes, started out as a wholesome trend for the whole family. Clearly, it did not stay that way, because the name of the audio changed to “make appropriate videos to the sound please” within days.

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In user @ellamarie_‘s G-rated take on the trend, she stands alongside her dad as they take turns lip-syncing. At one point, the father stood behind his daughter so he’d look more like a small child. The post has nearly 4 million likes and is one of the most popular within the trend.

The song is simple — kids sing the words “potatoes” and “small potato” over and over again, ending with a heartfelt “small potatoes on the moon.” Most of the videos embrace that childlike wonder, but not everyone is pleased that full-grown adults are acting like children.

When @celeste.portigiani attempted the trend, she stood on a stool to make herself look like an angry child, it seemed. She ended up falling off, but instead of just going viral for brushing off the incident, she was attacked in the comments.


i was just trying to hop on the trend but seems to be that i FLEW OFF OF IT. #smallpotato #fail #blooper #funny #thathurt #ouch #foryou

♬ Make appropriate videos to the sound please – 🧊

Users called her a “pick me” and told her she “deserved” it. At that point, the trend was beginning to come under fire.

TikTok user @yokenzieb shared her “hot take” about the trend and summarized the qualms a number of users had about it.


I can make a part two if it’s needed 😩

♬ Make appropriate videos to the sound please – 🧊

“I think pedophilia flourishes in a society where femininity is rejected,” she said, linking out to the “small potatoes” audio within her post. “I think that the videos under this sound are a perfect example. I don’t hate the women in these sounds (…) I’m not trying to say that I want to bully them (…) I’m just saying how I feel.”

In follow-up videos, @yokenzieb explained that, essentially, when people act like children in videos with the goal of looking attractive, it is problematic.

Commenters largely agreed with her.

“This is is so true,” one wrote. “This is scary.”

“I had to stop watching the videos because it was too uncomfortable,” another said.

The trend seems to be slowing down at this point regardless, but you might want to consider the motive behind posting under this sound before you partake.

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