Common grocery item might be the solution for under-eye circles

If you’re not a fan of your under-eye circles, potatoes might be the key solution you haven’t tried.

Yeah, it might sound goofy but many believe potatoes are rich in vitamins and nutrients that can help brighten up your skin. When the vegetable is cut it releases benzoquinone, a mild depigmenting agent. Thus, raw potatoes are great for lightening up dark spots on the skin. However, most of the evidence to support this skincare hack is anecdotal rather than clinical.

In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav put this traditional ayurvedic remedy to the test. 

“Dark circles under your eyes can be caused by so many things,” Phoebe explains. “Lack of sleep, sun exposure, allergies and often times it can just be family genes.”

Besides benzoquinone, spuds also have a few other skin-loving elements.

“Potatoes actually contain tons and tons of vitamins that do wonders for brightening and evening out your skin,” she says. “They contain vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B3 and niacin.” 

Vitamin C brightens the skin and reduces dullness. Studies show vitamin K decreases bruising, wrinkles and dark circles. Niacin can also treat stubborn hyperpigmentation. Not to mention, a vitamin B3 deficiency can even cause dark circles. 

Phoebe slices a potato in the shape of your typical oven fries, making sure to cut them thinly so that they would mold to the contours of her face. After applying the slices for 15 minutes, she checks to see if her dark circles have visibly improved.

“I don’t know if I can sit here and say that I see a difference,” she declares. “It felt great to have the cold potatoes on my skin but also my skin feels vibrant right now. Even though it might not look it, it definitely feels stimulated and refreshed.” 

But home remedies do tend to come with a caveat: they don’t always work instantly. 

“At-home recipes like this are meant to be done a lot over time,” Phoebe says. “That is when you see your results.” 

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