Potter sculpts whimsical ceramics inspired by sea creatures

If you haven’t seen potter Shayne Greco’s marine-inspired creations on Instagram, then look no further. In The Know spoke with the North Carolina-based ceramicist about his craft and his aquatic inspiration.

A lot of Greco’s pieces combine art and home utility — such as a sink basin covered in starfish, a seahorse lamp and an octopus vase.

“Not only can you display them throughout your home, but you can serve from them at your next dinner party! Pour from a seahorse pitcher at your next cocktail mixer. Serve calamari from an octopus bowl. They can be conversation starters as well as functional art,” the Savannah College of Art and Design graduate said on his website

But a lot of thought goes into the placement of these sea creatures.

“The octopus is one creature that can go on pretty much anything,” Greco told In The Know. “Whether it is a tall vase or if it’s just a flat bowl or plate. You can position it, you know, any which way you want. Whereas if you are doing a seahorse, a seahorse wouldn’t really do that well on a flat plate. You kind of want it upright on a pitcher. So all that stuff goes into the, you know, the planning of the piece when it’s first coming out of my head.”

However, Greco’s mission is a lot more simple than his process.

“My goal with any given design or piece is just to make it look beautiful from all angles, you know, like the odd flow,” Greco told In The Know. 

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