Man frightened after discovering friends’ ‘unsafe’ household prank: ‘A huge violation of trust’

A man is worried he betrayed his friend’s trust by playing a key role in a ridiculous prank.

He explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His friend Adam pranked another friend John by sneaking into John’s apartment and covering every item in cling wrap. So naturally, John wanted to get Adam back. That’s when the trouble arose. John asked the Reddit poster to steal a copy of Adam’s apartment keys.

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“Adam managed to prank his friend John pretty good, who had naively given him his spare key,” the Reddit poster wrote. “When John was away, Adam wrapped everything in John’s flat in cling film – furniture, utensils, books, you name it. John was pretty pissed and vowed revenge. John told me about his ordeal and how he wanted to get even. He already had a plan, he wanted to fill Adam’s flat with water cups, glitter and balloons. All he needed to execute his plan was a key to Adam’s place. And that’s where he needed my help, asking me to get a copy of Adam’s house keys.”

The Reddit poster was staying with Adam for a few weeks so they had access to the keys. 

“I decided to go ahead and try to get a copy of the key,” the poster said. “John pulled it off, he even set up a camera in Adam’s living room to live-stream his reaction to the prank. I was relieved to see Adam laughing into the camera, admitting that this was a good prank, well-executed and that he thought it was funny. I was quite relieved as I had been getting doubts about my betrayal of trust. I wasn’t wrong and Adam is fuming. He pointed out how unsafe my behavior was, giving someone else a key to his flat. I hadn’t even considered the safety aspect and he is right, it’s also a huge violation of trust.”

Reddit users weighed in and they thought everyone involved was pretty crummy. 

“Grow up the lot of you. Adults don’t behave like this,” one person commented

“There’s a line to pranks and it seems like both parties crossed it,” another said

“You all need to grow up, especially Adam,” someone added.

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