Former pre-K teacher hilariously explains why you shouldn’t share your personal ‘business’ with your kids

A former pre-K teacher took to TikTok to explain why parents shouldn’t sort out their personal “business” in front of their kids.

The TikToker, Mr. Hills (@atxhills), shared this video in early June to describe three incidents he experienced in his classroom where students repeated sensitive family matters to him, completely unprompted.

“Watch what you say and do in front of your kids because they come back, and they tell us,” Hills warned viewers.

Hills’ first story involved a female student coming up to him to say that her mother had told her not to come to school and tell people “all her business.” Hills told the student that the precaution was understandable, but then the student broke her promise to her mother. The student abruptly revealed to Hills that her parents separated, then detailed the shocking reasons behind their separation.

“I thought your mom just told you not to be tellin’ all her business!” Hills said to the student, taken aback by her story.

The second story Hills tells involved a male student demonstrating concerning behavior during the “dramatic play” portion of the class. During dramatic play, students often role-play as a family in a game called “house.” Hills described that the young boy was playing the dad of the family and began yelling at his classmates in a very inappropriate tone. Hills interrupted the house game to reprimand the boy’s behavior.

“What’s going on?!” Hills asked the young boy.

“Oh no, we’re just playing pretend. We’re playing house,” the boy replied, completely unaware of the meaning behind his words.

“What kind of house are you playing?” Hills said. “Why don’t you play Family Matters house, where everybody’s just a happy family?”

The last incident Hills retells is about a female student who seemed to be shy around her other classmates after moving into his class. Hills noticed that the girl would sit alone during the class’s “free play” time and watch her fellow students as if she were suspicious of them. One day, Hills decided to encourage the girl to play with her classmates.

“Sweetheart, you can go play with them,” Hills told the young girl.

“Nah, I’m just watching to see how everybody moves,” the girl replied, which confused Hills. “I’m trying to figure out who’s the head b**** in charge.”

“Absolutely not!” Hills exclaimed. “This is preschool! This isn’t Lockup: Raw!

Hills’ stories amused TikTok users.

“I swear this dude has a whole mini telenovela in his classroom,” a TikToker commented.

“The tea lies within those pretend games!!!!” someone else wrote.

Other former pre-K teachers took to the comment section to share similar experiences with their previous students.

“As a former pre-K teacher, [this] is my fav series!!! Being a pre-K nanny, I saw and heard a lot of s*** myself,” one former teacher wrote.

“I taught preschool for six years and learned quickly to really brace myself for anything before watching them play ‘house,'” another commented.

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