TikToker shares easy way to help pregnant women feel more comfortable

Have you ever wanted to help your pregnant partner or friend feel some relief but just didn’t know how to help? Well, one TikToker shared the simple thing he does for his pregnant wife to ease her aches and pains — and it’s surprisingly simple.

On Jan. 2, user @daddynewb made a video showing how he helps his wife by literally carrying some of the weight of her pregnancy for a few minutes a day.

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“If you wanna do a favor for [a] pregnant lady, gently lift her belly up, you’re gonna hold maybe 10-15 pounds,” he explained. “And then when she’s ready, you’re gonna gently lower it back down.”

In his video, @daddynewb demonstrated how to safely lift a pregnant woman’s belly. Before he hoists his wife’s baby belly up, he positions his hands firmly under her stomach to get a sturdy grip on it, and then lifts it up so that he is holding the weight instead of his wife.

Many TikTok users have put @daddynewb’s trick to the test on their pregnant loved ones with positive results.

User @sofiakougi, for instance, tried it with her pregnant best friend — and the look of pleasure on her face is proof enough that it works.

“That is for real the best feeling in the world,” one user said.

“This made me so happy idk why,” another added.

“Immediately she felt that relief,” a third wrote.

Before you do this to someone, just make sure that you have their full consent that you’re doing everything safely!

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