Man completely misunderstands girlfriend’s ‘pregnancy reveal’: ‘Most embarrassing video ever taken of me’

A dad-to-be only had the worst (and perhaps funniest) reaction to finding out he was going to be a father

Content creator Brandon Robert has over 10.9 million followers. So it was bold of him to share what he called “the most embarrassing video ever taken of me” and a “pregnancy reveal gone sooo wrong.”

It all started when his girlfriend showed up to surprise him with the big news. 


This is the most embarrassing video ever taken of me #pregnancy #pregnant #baby

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His girlfriend gave him a box and told him to open it up. Inside was a positive pregnancy test. 

“Dude, why would you come over? Dude, I’m going on a trip next week,” Robert said

“You’re not happy? Do you know what that is?” she asked

“Yes, but I can’t miss my trip,” he replied. “That’s not like a funny joke, either, you know. My grandma is like not OK right now.” 

His girlfriend was audibly laughing and confused. She didn’t understand why he was having such an unusual reaction. 

“What is that?” she asked him again, referring to the pregnancy test. 

“You have COVID-19,” he responded

It turns out Robert thought the positive pregnancy test was a positive coronavirus test. The hilarious video received 40.8 million views on TikTok

“I was starting to get mad at him!” someone said

“Why would you expose him to preggers-19?” a user joked

“Imagine not being able to read the room AT ALL,” another wrote

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