Very pregnant mom shares what it’s like getting ready for date night: ‘I give up’

A mom-to-be thinks getting ready for date night isn’t quite what it used to be.

TikToker @sarati has over 10.5 million followers and is a fitness influencer. When she was in her third trimester of pregnancy, she noticed her body was changing in ways that affected her everyday tasks. Her bump had gotten so big that the usual prep for date night was nearly impossible. 


Officially can’t see what I’m shaving 😂 #pregnancy

♬ Rocky: Eye of the Tiger – Best Movie Soundtracks

“When you’re pregnant and it’s date night,” the video caption stated

The triumphant song from Rocky, “Eye of the Tiger,” played as the mom kicked it into high gear. She was in the shower and her entire body, from her ankles to her neck, was covered in shaving cream. 

She tried to shave her bikini line but could hardly see what she was doing because of her bump. She lifted her leg and contorted into all different kinds of positions. She shaved her belly and bum but eventually gave up. 

“Officially can’t see what I’m shaving,” she wrote in the caption

The video racked up a whopping 61.7 million views and 2.5 million likes on TikTok

“At least the baby’s jamming inside,” a user commented

“I just have hubby do it. It’s all good,” another wrote

“I’m not even pregnant and I give up every single time,” a person joked

“I haven’t shaved my legs since I was like 3 months… currently 8 months,” someone added

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