Hormonal mom in 2nd trimester breaks down while watching ‘A Goofy Movie’: ‘Goofy is just such an amazing dad’

A pregnant mother in her second trimester got emotional while watching A Goofy Movie with her kids

Maggie D’Imperio (@maggiedimperioart) is a mother and artist who shares her musings on life and parenthood on her TikTok page.

In a recent video, D’Imperio shares how she broke down while watching A Goofy Movie with her 2 sons, which she chalked up to heightened hormone levels during her second trimester. 

She explains how even though she’s seen the popular kids movie “hundreds of times as a child,” now, “as an adult with hormone levels up to here, I had to remove myself from the situation.”

The ‘90s animated film follows the adventures and growing father-son bond of Goofy and his teenage son Max, as they embark on a cross-country fishing trip.

D’Imperio found herself incredibly touched by Goofy’s parenting style

“Goofy is just such an amazing dad,” she explains. “Max is getting in trouble at school and Pete’s [Goofy’s co-worker] advice to Goofy is more discipline, ‘You gotta punish him more.’ And instead Goofy’s like, ‘No, I need to connect with him.’”

At this point D’Imperio starts to get emotional, but powers through. 

“So they go on that road trip, but I don’t really think Max’s love language is actually quality time, but they still connect and they grow their relationship. Goofy, that’s just so ahead of your time! He’s such a good dad and I hope he knows that,” says D’Imperio fighting back tears.

‘Now you got me crying…’

Plenty of Goofy Movie fans now in their adulthood hopped into the comments sharing similar experiences to D’Imperio’s. 

“This movie is a low key masterpiece. As a kid I related to Max, but now that I’m a father I relate 100% with Goofy,” wrote one commenter with nearly 400 likes. 

“Now you got me crying,” wrote another, with two replies reading, “Me too.” 

Others shared their takeaways from the film. 

“Goofy and Max repair their relationship when they both listen to each other and realize they are different but the same, and that’s okay,” wrote a wise Goofy Movie viewer. 

Who knew some of life’s greatest lessons were hidden in your favorite childhood Disney movies?

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