Man confounds pregnant wife with ‘selfish’ eating habits: ‘[She] immediately burst into tears’

A man ate his pregnant’s wife last piece of pie but now he says all he tastes is “regret.”

He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His wife is in her third trimester and her cravings have changed. The lemon meringue pie that his sister makes was once repulsive to his wife but during her pregnancy, it became a favorite of hers. After she ate three whole pies, the husband stole the last slice of a fourth. But he didn’t expect her intense reaction. 

“I’m usually at work when my sister delivers the pie, so my wife, at home, will get to it first,” he wrote. “I asked if she wouldn’t mind saving me just a single slice, because I liked it a lot too, and she agreed — but then ended up eating it all and said she hadn’t been able to stop her cravings. This happened for a second time, then a third time. I know it’s silly to get worked up over a slice of pie, and she’s pregnant so of course, her appetite is greater… but it was something I had been looking forward to and then my expectations kept getting dashed.” 

But the fourth time, things took an unfortunate turn. 

“This time, my shift ended early so I arrived in time to see my wife chowing down,” he explained. “There was just one slice left and she was eyeing it. When she saw me, she apologized and asked if she could have the last slice that now that she had started eating it, she couldn’t help but really, really need it. I said no, we talked about this, and you already had the whole rest of the pie. I then took the slice and started eating. My wife immediately burst into tears and ran out of the room and she’s been in there ever since and not talking to me. […] Instead of lemon meringue, I only taste regret.”

Reddit users chimed in with their perspectives.

“Either she’s suddenly a very greedy, selfish person or something’s being triggered,” one user wrote

“A promise is a promise,” another said

“I’m sorry you feel bad about your wife bursting into tears but this is so innocent,” someone commented

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