Pregnant woman: ‘I’m not giving up my baby’s name for my sister’s sake’

A woman snapped at her half-sister after she allegedly stole the baby name choice she had picked out years ago.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see if her reaction and subsequent freeze-out of her half-sister was justified. Redditors were seriously divided!

According to the author of the post, she (27) and her half-sister DeeDee (40) discovered they were both expecting baby girls at the same time. DeeDee already has three children, while this would be the poster’s first child. While the poster admits she and DeeDee were never close, they did share a paternal grandmother whom they both “loved more than anything.” When their grandmother died, the poster said she told her family she would name her future daughter after her. 

The author then shares that at the time of writing, her half-sister had recently found out that she’d lost her baby and things took a turn while speaking with her on the phone.

“Two days [ago], we were discussing the process she has to undergo and names for the gravesite came up. [S]he told me that she was using our granny’s name. I gently reminded her that my husband and I had picked the name for our daughter years ago and that we have loads of customized baby gear with her name. She started crying before telling her mom to talk to me.”

It didn’t take long for things to escalate further.

“After arguing back and forward with her mom, I just snapped. I told her DeeDee would be wasting the name, the namesake will not be getting carried on and loved. She immediately started screaming and [called] me a horrible person and saying I am going to be a horrible mother.”

The author goes on the say that she’s since been ignoring DeeDee and her mother’s calls and asks Reddit, “At this point, I don’t know if I am being an a******?”

Redditors took sides

“I don’t get why you can’t both use the name,” read the top response.

Tons of Reddit users weighed in on that query, while one wrote this thoughtful response:

“In a normal situation I think that’s clearly the answer. But since DeeDee’s baby died, the name will be a punch in the guts every time she hears OPs baby mentioned. So OP would be doing the compassionate thing to [choose] a different name.” 

The comment continued, “HOWEVER, DeeDee already has a daughter who she did not name after the grandma. She definitely only chose grandma’s name because Op did because she needs the attention to be on her. So NTA for not changing the name.”

Others criticized the author’s arguably insensitive wording.

“I was on OP’s side until she said the name would be wasted. That was a giant AH move … OP didn’t have to hit her where it hurts.”

Ultimately, the author decided to stick with the name for her baby and hopes DeeDee will go for the nickname version or use it as a middle name.

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