Pregnant woman loses boyfriend in crash but shares how she found love again: ‘I got goosebumps’

A woman who tragically lost her boyfriend when she was 14 weeks pregnant shared her journey finding love again on TikTok

TikToker Mayci Neeley (@theneeleyfam) posted a video on TikTok that chronicled her emotional journey recovering from the death of her baby’s father.

In the video, Mayci explains that in 2015, when she was 19 years old, she found out that she was pregnant. This was already a shock, but then a few weeks later, her boyfriend died in a terrible car crash. Mayci was only 14 weeks pregnant

She writes, “It was so hard to keep going but I stayed strong for my son.” This text was overlaid onto a video of Mayci holding her son right after his birth. 

Then things start to take a positive turn. Over a video of Mayci and her current husband relaxing at the beach, she writes, “A year and a half after my boyfriend’s passing, I met him…”  

Mayci shows clips of her new boyfriend at the time playing with her son, and writes, “I wasn’t looking for a new relationship as I was still mourning, but I couldn’t help but fall for this man who loved me and accepted my son as his own.” 

Over a beautiful video of Mayci’s husband proposing to her in a gorgeous field, she writes, “We got married & became a family.” 

Then over a video of her now husband injecting Mayci with hormones, she writes, “We wanted to grow our fam but had some trouble… but with the help of IVF we got pregnant.” An adorable video of Mayci’s husband shows him reading the pregnancy test for the first time, excited to be a new dad

Next, Mayci shows her family celebrating the birth of a baby girl! She writes, “It always gets better, I promise,” ending with an adorable video of the family of four embracing. 

Mayci’s inspiring video about resilience and love has 16.7 million views and counting on TikTok! Viewers were happy that she found love again and now has a beautiful, blended family. 

One TikToker commented, “I got goosebumps. Your little family is beautiful.”

Another touched viewer wrote, “Your boyfriend [who passed] definitely sent this man your way. He knew he was exactly what you needed.”

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