An expecting mother ‘stumbled upon a stray cat’ then discovered it was pregnant too: ‘I legit cried’

A mom shared the touching story of how she bonded with a stray cat when she was pregnant

Furry friends can be a source of unconditional love and comfort. TikToker @mama.maners revealed the unlikely events that unfolded when she was nine months pregnant. It all started when the mother discovered a stray cat and wanted to help it. 

“When I was nine months pregnant I stumbled upon a stray cat,” the mom said. “Upon further inspection, I saw that she was also very pregnant. So I took her home because us pregnant girls gotta stick together.” 

What was all the more stunning was that she and the mama cat ended up giving birth around the same time. The mother even shared photos of their pregnancy bumps next to each other and their babies together. 

“I know this sounds weird but this has literally been my dream since I was a kid,” one user commented.

“I legit cried,” another wrote

“This is the cutest thing I have ever seen,” a person said

The mom initially spent three months trying to see if the cat had an owner but it appeared the feline was a true stray. While @mama.maners’ baby befriended the kittens, the cats eventually moved onto their forever homes. 

“My sister turned out to be extremely allergic to cats,” the mother explained in the comment section. “I got them all veterinary care and spayed and indoor homes. I keep in touch with all their new owners and get pics sent to me every few weeks!” 

She added that the mama cat was “extremely neglected” and that it “took forever to get her healthy enough to find a forever home.” 

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