Pet parents prepare dog for new furry sibling with stuffed animal

Two dog parents came up with a genius way to adequately prepare their pup for a younger sibling.

Recently, dog mom Rachel Givens and dog dad Collin Hughes decided that they wanted to add a second pup to their growing furry family. However, before they could do that, they had to prepare their firstborn, a bulldog named Shug, for the new addition.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Givens and Hughes explained that they got Shug used to the idea of having a sibling by first getting him a stuffed animal bulldog with the same name.

For six weeks, Givens and Hughes trained Shug to run to his new bulldog stuffed animal every time they asked where Bruce was. (Bruce is both the name of the stuffed animal and the name of Shug’s new baby brother.)

When Shug and the real Bruce finally met, Shug was beyond excited to hang out with his little brother. At one point during their first interaction, he even went to check on his Bruce statue just to make sure that it was still there. He loves all of his Bruces equally!

According to the video, Shug and Bruce are now “inseparable.” It looks like the conditioning really worked!

People in the comments were impressed by Givens and Hughes’ preparation tactic — and of course, they want more Shug/Bruce content ASAP.

“And that’s on good pupper parenting!” one person said.

“Great now I’m crying,” another added.

“I have NEVER seen such a unique and [effective] way of introducing a new dog,” a third said. “I’m going to try this when we get our next puppy.”

Follow along with Shug and Bruce on TikTok as they sleep, snort and play at shug_and_bruce_bulldogs.

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