This is the only press-on nail removal hack you need

Press-on nails are easy to apply, but the removal process can be daunting.

Press-on nails have certainly entered their heyday since the start of quarantine. Long gone are the days of the stiff, plasticky press-ons that you could previously buy at Claire’s — now sets come with a whole kit for giving yourself a five-star manicure at home.

The only problem is how to safely remove press-ons without having the nail glue completely destroy your real nails.

A press-on nail company, Sugarclaws, recently went viral for one of its uploads to TikTok — a nail removal tutorial that now has over 48 million views.

“I was today years old when I found out…” the video’s text says.


Soooo i may be changing nails everyday now🤪 #lifehacks #nailhacks #fypppppp

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In the clip, a person is seen adding droplets of argan oil to a bowl of soapy water, then letting their nails soak. After dipping their hands a few times, the press-on nail comes off effortlessly.

A different popular TikTok tutorial shows yet another nail company sharing the formula to making press-on removal successful.


I had an adhesive tab and glue on that’s why it looks funny. #QualityTime #ComfortFood #pressonnailremoval #pressonnailbusiness

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Sugarclaws’ preferred method involves mixing the argan oil with very hot water and letting your nails soak for 30 minutes before gently pressing them off. Other commenters claimed that any oil — including olive oil — can work.

“Argan oil is the trick,” one commenter agreed.

“I thought I came across witchcraft TikTok,” another joked.

“Where was this a week ago??” another lamented. “My thumb nail went with it when I peeled the nail off.”

For the record, many commenters also warned against using this tactic with acrylic nails or gel manicures — so only use this practice for press-ons.

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