5 gorgeous fruit platters for a BBQ glow-up

A beautifully arranged fruit platter is a welcome addition to any BBQ spread in a sea of burgers and hot dogs. Since the only ingredients required are your favorite fruits, fruit platters are super easy to customize. If you’re looking for a dish that’s both show-stopping and refreshing, here are five delicious and photogenic fruit platter recipes to serve at your next party.

1. Loaded fruit platter

This fruit platter might look fancy, but it’s actually super easy to throw together. TikToker @fruitsandflowers.alm begins by lining one side of a large, circular platter with roses. Next, they add a row of cut pineapple slices alongside the roses, followed by sliced oranges and blood oranges. Then they place the pineapple’s crown at the center of the tray, along with a coconut carved in half with coconut cubes spilling out of it. Finally, they line the other side of the platter with sliced watermelon, dragon fruit and honeydew before filling in any gaps with berries, grapes, kiwi and mango carvings. 

2. Tropical fruit platter

Flowers are a great way to give a plate of fruit some extra pizzazz. This fruit platter features a cluster of grapes, blackberries and strawberries in the center of the tray, surrounded by sliced watermelon, kiwi, honeydew and oranges. An assortment of colorful wildflowers serves as a fresh finishing touch to top off the fruit platter.

3. Tiered watermelon “cake” fruit platter

This tiered watermelon cake literally takes fruit platters to the next level. The “cake” consists of tiers of whole watermelons with the rinds carved off, stacked from biggest to smallest. Strawberries cascade in a ribbon formation down one side of the watermelon tiers to a base platter of grapes. Pineapples and kiwis skewered with blueberries line the bottom of each watermelon layer. Finally, several daisies decorate the watermelon tower as a finishing floral touch.

4. Orange kiwi pomegranate fruit platter

Your guests won’t be able to resist this vibrant fruit platter. First, arrange a strip of sliced mangos down the center of a large, circular platter. Next, line the perimeter of the tray with kiwi and orange slices. Then add a column of tangerine wedges next to the orange slices before adding kiwi and lemon slices around the mangoes. Place a layer of orange slices over the kiwis lining the edge of the tray. Then add half a kiwi and half an orange carved into a flower. Finally, fill any gaps on the platter with pomegranate seeds, and enjoy! 

5. Blackberry violet fruit platter


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This fruit platter is a fusion of art and food. The arrangement consists of blueberries and blackberries inside two watermelon halves shaped like flowers in the center of the tray. An array of grapes, strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, tangerine and kiwi surround the berry-filled watermelons. Finally, several blue and purple flowers provide an eye-catching finishing touch.

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