Mouth-watering pretzel upgrades you have to try ASAP

From the mall to your local carnival, pretzels come in handy — literally! Whether you like your pretzels sweet or salty, the doughy grab-and-go snack is portable, filling and tasty! If you’re a fan of the classic twisted treat, here are five recipes that take pretzels to the next level. 

Buffalo chicken cheesesteak soft pretzel

This sinful sandwich puts chicken smothered in Buffalo sauce and melted mozzarella cheese inside a sliced soft pretzel used as a sandwich bun. TikToker @godfatherofmeat drizzles a generous amount of blue cheese dressing as a final touch. You’ll definitely need a napkin for this ‘wich!

Pretzel-wrapped hot dogs

This recipe is a two-in-one upgrade because it levels up pretzels and hot dogs! After making your pretzel dough, slice it into strips and wrap it around some boiled hot dogs. Then boil your now-wrapped hot dogs again before baking them. The result is a delicious pretzel-hot dog hybrid that baseball stadiums should start serving ASAP. 

Chocolate peppermint pretzel

After a savory pretzel, you might want a sweet one for dessert! This chocolate peppermint pretzel might feel most appropriate for the holidays, but it’ll satisfy all year long. TikToker @emilygracefood adds Greek yogurt and chocolate chips to her pretzel dough. Once baked, she dips it in melted mint chocolate and sprinkles some toasted almonds on top for a little extra crunch.

Cinnamon sugar pretzel bites


Homemade: Auntie Anne Mini Pretzels 🥨 ( report: beccasbakeshop ) #baking #cooking #auntieannespretzel #pretzel #pretzel #homemade

♬ original sound – Foodie Island

Another sweet pretzel recipe that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser, this recipe adds brown sugar to the pretzel dough to give it some sweetness. Once the dough is ready, TikToker @foodieisland cuts it into bite-sized pieces before boiling and baking them. Finally, she coats the baked bites in melted butter and cinnamon sugar before dunking them into her DIY sweet icing sugar dip. 

Jalapeño cheese-stuffed pretzels


Mickey Shaped Pretzels are trash, so let’s make this Disneyland famous Jalapeño Cheese Stuffed Pretzel! #disneyland #disneyworld #pretzel #recipe

♬ Poor Unfortunate Souls (Tendu 3) – Nate Fifield

This pretzel bites back! TikToker @bethanyvinton seals cubes of pepper jack cheese inside the pretzel dough before boiling and baking them. The final product is a pretzel with just enough spice. 

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