Make your Pride party extra colorful this year with these themed cocktails and mocktails

Toast to LGBTQ pride this year with an assortment of cocktails and mocktails that come in all the colors of the rainbow! Pride is a celebration of inclusion, self-acceptance and self-expression, and what better way to enjoy the joyous and historic month than with some bright and vibrant mixed beverages? If you’re looking for an array of colorful concoctions to serve at your Pride party, pre-party or after-party, here are five delicious Pride-themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that will bring a rainbow to someone’s day.

1. Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow Pride cocktail

This cocktail recipe ends with a fun and colorful surprise. Start by adding vanilla-flavored vodka to a shaker, followed by crème de cacao, cream and white chocolate liqueur. Then shake well with ice. Next, rim a martini glass with marshmallow creme and rainbow sprinkles. Finally, strain the cocktail into the glass, and watch the magic happen. 

2. Double rainbow Pride mocktail


Reply to @themichaelbarrymore When the one and only Michael Barrymore asks for a drink I deliver – Double Rainbow Mocktail 🍹 just add vodka for alcohol version #doublerainbow #mocktail #alcoholfree #nonalcoholic #homebar #mancave #shots

♬ Pennies from Heaven – Louis Prima

Tasting the rainbow needn’t require alcohol. To make this double rainbow mocktail, grab two Collins glasses with ice, and pour grenadine syrup in one and non-alcoholic blue curaçao in the other. Next, pour orange juice into both glasses, followed by lime juice and lemonade. Finally, reverse step one and pour non-alcoholic blue curaçao in the glass with grenadine, and pour grenadine syrup in the glass with non-alcoholic blue curaçao. Then bottoms up! 

3. Rainbow gin and tonic Pride cocktail

Add a little natural beauty to your Pride festivities with this rainbow gin and tonic! Start by gathering an assortment of colorful, edible flowers. Next, fill an ice cube tray with water, and place the flower petals in each compartment. Then freeze for a few hours. After freezing, toss the ice cubes into a glass. Then add gin before topping it off with tonic water. 

4. Rainbow paradise Pride mocktail

Mixed drinks and mixed colors go hand in hand in this rainbow paradise Pride mocktail. To make this colorful concoction, rim a highball glass with red sugar sprinkles. Next, drop in a few ice cubes and add orange juice. Then place the rim of a spoon against the side of the glass before slowly pouring in grenadine syrup. Finally, repeat this last step using non-alcoholic blue curaçao before garnishing with a lemon slice and sour gummy candy. 

5. Pride rainbow shots

The process of making these rainbow shots is its own form of entertainment. Start by adding grenadine and ice to a tumbler. Next, place the rim of a bar spoon against the side of the tumbler and slowly pour in orange juice. After adding vodka, repeat this technique with blue curaçao. Then place a cocktail strainer over the tumbler. Finally, line up seven shot glasses in a row. Then strain the cocktail into each consecutive shot glass while marveling at the color progression.

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