We tried TikTok’s Pringles can watermelon-cutting hack

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What if we told you a Pringles could be good for something besides … well, just holding Pringles?

That’s the claim behind TikTok’s latest life hack, which says you can easily cut a watermelon with your empty chip can. For anyone (not this writer; certainly not), who’s spent 20 full minutes fumbling with a half-cut watermelon, it sounds like a lifesaver.

It looks like one, too. The DIY TikTokers at The Crafty shared a clip of the hack, which made it seem extremely easy.

Is the key to fruit-cutting nirvana really this easy, though? Despite it being late fall when we discovered this, In The Know had to find out.

So, our editors put together a little competition, pitting the Pringles can hack against one of the trendiest gadgets on Amazon. The goal? To see which device could slice up a watermelon the fastest. Here’s what went down.

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How to cut a watermelon with a Pringles can

First things first, the competition. We put the Pringles can hack against one of the fastest-cutting gadgets on the market — the Yueshico Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer.

Credit: Amazon

This thing is efficient. Once a watermelon is cut into quarters, the Yueshico slicer can decimate your fruit into a bowl of perfectly squared pieces, just by jabbing the gadget forward. You can buy it on Amazon for $11.27.

In the other corner, we have our Pringles can. The process here is extremely simple too. To start, empty a full-sized can of the chips and rinse out the inside. Then, cut a thin layer off the top of your watermelon — just enough to expose the fruit’s core.

Then, press the Pringles can into the exposed core, twisting as needed to help the can go through. Once you’ve gone as far down into your fruit as possible, pull back. You should have a can full of watermelon waiting for you.

The process from there is as easy as removing the watermelon from the can and chopping it into thin, circular slices.

Which watermelon-slicing method is faster?

Both hacks, as it turns out, are extremely fast. That said, there can only be one winner, and in our case, it was the Yueshico Stainless Steel Slicer.

The gadget was just too quick. Once we managed to slice the watermelon into quarters, it took just moments to collect a full bowl of pieces. In total, the whole process took 90 seconds.

Meanwhile, it took the Pringles can 105 seconds to yield a full bowl of slices. The main issue here? Getting the can inside the watermelon. It took some work to get the can through — and we ultimately had to cut off both ends of the fruit to make it work.

That delay gave us our winner, and this time around it looks like TikTok lost.

Final verdict?

Yes, the Yueshico slicer was faster, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try the watermelon hack. In fact, we’d recommend it if only for one, simple reason: style points.

The slices coming out of the Pringles can are beautiful, perfect circles — they’re bite-sized, fun and definitely Instagram-worthy. Also, it’s worth the effort alone to impress your friends.

So, if you’re looking to show off, give the Pringles hack a try. If you’d rather focus on speed, the Yueshico Slicer is the way to go.

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