Pro boxer’s wife catches his hilarious dad hack on TikTok

A professional boxer shared a hilarious parenting hack on TikTok that allowed him to train and babysit at the same time.

Marco Hall is a pro boxer with 4.5 million followers on TikTok. Hall packs a mean punch, but one of the fighter’s biggest wins might’ve happened outside the ring

The viral TikTok, which has been viewed 2.6 million times and counting, shows Marco’s wife, Brooke, walking into an interesting scene in the garage. 


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Marco was jumping rope, but Brooke thought that he was watching their baby son. 

“Where’s the baby?” asked Brooke, slightly concerned. 

“Right there, eating!” Marco replied. 

The camera pans over, and sure enough, the baby is sitting comfortably, watching Daddy train. 

As for the “eating” part? That’s where it all gets interesting. Marco fastened a makeshift bottle holder out of a metal hanger that he attached to the baby’s bouncer. The contraption holds the bottle perfectly in place for the baby to drink, without any parental interference needed. 

“Where did you even get that?” asked Brooke, seeming both surprised and impressed. 

“I made it up,” said Marco. “Daddy gotta train! You was in the shower so I had to make something work.” They say boxers have to think on their feet, but this is some next-level stuff! 

The comments section was fully in Marco’s corner when it came to the boxer’s clever dad hack

“My man’s creative,” one user wrote.

“Top-tier parenting,” added another TikToker. 

“#DADWIN,” wrote an enthusiastic fan. 

But the most important feedback came from Brooke herself. 

“You are truly amazing, lol… Love everything about you! Thanks for letting me shower,” wrote the new mom

So Marco won over millions of TikTokers, made his wife proud, fed his baby, AND got a full workout in? That’s a first-round KO, parenting-style.

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