Pro chef’s TikTok shows how to make the perfect ‘Korean momma style’ rice

You can learn a lot very quickly thanks to TikTok’s truncated video style. But perhaps no videos are as serviceable as Chef Chris Cho’s cooking tips. The Korean-American, raised in Philadelphia, somehow manages to distill his pro lessons into short clips. But make no mistake, they’re jampacked with helpful information. 

Cho shows how any budding chef can make the perfect rice in a pot.

First, Cho says to measure out two cups of rice. Next, you’ll want to rinse and drain your rice three times. Then soak it for 30 minutes. Cho shows a comparison of unsoaked and soaked rice. The latter looks whiter, fuller and softer. 

Now, it’s time to ensure you have the optimal ratio. Cho calls this one “Korean momma style,” and shouts out his umma. While the rice is in the pot, place your hand on top of the rice with your fingers spread. Then bring the water up to your knuckles.

An alternative method is to use the horizontal lines on your fingers. After placing the rice in the pot, put the tip of your index finger on top of it. Then bring the water level up until it meets the halfway mark between your fingertip and the first horizontal line.

If you’re unsure about using your hands and fingers, Cho suggests using a rice to water ratio of 1 to 1.2. Finally, Cho uses the “10-5-5 rule.” That means bringing the rice to medium-high heat for 10 minutes, followed by low heat for 5 minutes, then he turns the heat off to let the rice steam for 5 minutes. And your perfect rice is complete! 

Of course, the video received 8.1 million times. Who doesn’t want to know how to make the best version of this classic staple? 

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