Pro dancer drops epic ‘mom flex’ on TikTok

One mom shared a major “mom flex” on TikTok, and it deserves a standing ovation.

Dancer and mom Brittany Russell runs a joint TikTok account with her son Isaiah under the handle @russellhustleinc, and she recently posted a video sharing a “mom flex” that went viral with more than 1.6 million views. 


MOM FLEX🔥 #momsoftiktok #momandson #losecontrolchallenge #foryou #foryoupage #mom

♬ original sound – Lashawn🔥🥶

In the video, Russell revealed that she was not only a backup dancer for the Missy Elliott Lose Control music video, but that she was six months pregnant at the time! 

Russell shows clips of the video and points herself out in the scenes — and she really is giving it her all and living her best life!

Tons of viewers wrote to Russell in the comments section letting her know how impressed they were. 

“You were doing what needed to be done that whole video! 6 [months pregnant] and dancing full out! Applause to you,” wrote an enthusiastic commenter. 

“I’m 4 months and I can’t run upstairs lmao you go momma!” wrote a pregnant parent-to-be. 

Pregnancy workouts

That commenter isn’t alone in their pregnancy fatigue. Pregnancy comes with a lot of side effects, including nausea, back pain and exhaustion, which can make parents-to-be want to skip a workout. But exercise during pregnancy is generally good for both the parent-to-be and the baby, according to the Mayo Clinic. Safe, physical activity during pregnancy can reduce backaches and bloating, as well as improve energy and mood. 

With an OK from a doctor, dancing can be a great way to get moving during pregnancy. Just make sure to listen to your body and make modifications where necessary. 

Luckily for Russell, she didn’t miss a beat due to her pregnancy. In another video, Russell shares the story behind her experience of being pregnant in the Lose Control music video where she shockingly reveals that her abs were still visible in her second trimester!

Talent seems to run in the family as Russell’s son is actor Isaiah Russell-Bailey, who plays Shaka in Netflix’s Family Reunion. And he’s a talented dancer just like his mom! The pair often post videos of themselves performing choreography together. Considering his “cameo” in the Lose Control music video, Isaiah was learning to dance before he could even walk!

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