Pro volleyballer gets creative with at-home training amid quarantine

Professional beach volleyballer Alexander Brouwer showed just how dedicated he is to training.

The 2016 Olympic bronze medalist is currently self-isolating in the Netherlands, but quarantining isn’t getting in the way of his workout schedule.

Although the athlete has an impressive set-up, complete with sand and a net, there’s one thing missing. Brouwer has no one to serve him the volleyball. Improvising with what’s around him, Brouwer uses a radiator vent leaning on a fence to bounce the ball off of. 

He hits the radiator with such force it bounces over the vent and several feet into the air. Brouwer is able to keep up the momentum back and forth a few times. But it’s not as easy as it looks — Brouwer eventually tries to spike the ball and misses.

“Radiator 1 – Alex 0,” he captioned the video. 

The video received 29,000 views. Some Instagram users played referee and sided with Brouwer.

“But the radiator hit out!” one person said

“From this angle, it looked like the ball went past the antenna, so I guess the point goes to you!” another Instagram user wrote.

Others were just on board for the DIY aspect of it all.  

“I guess it’s not too late for me to train as an Olympic volleyball player since I can do drills like this by myself,” one person wrote.

Brouwer is a decorated men’s volleyball player. Before snagging bronze in 2016, he was the 2013 World Champion. In 2017, he was awarded “Best Hitter” at the Men’s FIVB Volleyball World Tour.

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