Pro water skier plays an epic game of ‘the floor is lava’ by his pool

If you haven’t gotten enough of Netflix’s “Floor is Lava” then this stunt is just for you. 

The professional water skier Nikolas Plytas decided to create his own rendition of the game at his Athens home last March. Plytas’ outdoor floor is the lava in this game and the athlete is willing to do some elaborate things to avoid it. 

“The floor is lava. Swimming pool edition,” he wrote in the video caption

First, he starts off standing on a woven chair. He hops onto a skate deck balanced on a foam roller, onto another foam roller and then a wooden bench. Then things ramp up. Plytas jumps onto a hydrofoil board, glides it across his pool, then jumps onto another bench from the water. From there he hops onto an exercise ball, onto a balance board, then finally onto a skate deck. But when he lands on the deck, it catapults a drink into his hand. 

Plytas cracks open the can of Red Bull and carries on with his day. The video garnered 26,000 views on Instagram.

“Best one yet?” one Instagram user wrote. 

“Lol. That’s insane,” another person said

“The foil shadow looks like a shark,” one user joked.

Plytas is a Greek water ski champion. He began water skiing at the age of five and has stuck with the sport ever since. In 2018, Plytas broke a National Greek Record with more than 10,000 points in trick skiing. For more of his at-home stunts, be sure to follow Plytas on Instagram

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