Problematic TikTok dating coach branded as ‘misogynist of the year’

An L.A.-based “dating coach” is under fire online for the problematic and sometimes downright manipulative advice he’s known to dole out to his 375,000 TikTok followers.

Russell Hatley, the founder and CEO of “Get Coaching Inc.” according to his LinkedIn, has been the subject of multiple takedown videos over the past few days, including a TikTok series by Leah Melle and a viral YouTube video by Kurtis Connor.

Across multiple TikToks, Melle has ripped Hatley for his shady dating advice videos, which have recently included advice for men on how to escape the “friendzone” and how to “convince” your girlfriend to have a three-way.

“Presenting the misogynist of the year,” Melle says in a video that has since been viewed more than 3.4 million times. “When women talk about hating men and that men are trash, he is a prime example of what we’re talking about.”

Kurtis Connor‘s review, which has over 2 million views, was perhaps even less favorable.

“Russell’s content is pretty similar to other pickup artists on the internet, as in its pointless and misogynistic,” Connor says. “But what sets him apart from all the other ones is … no matter what he’s talking about, he always says at least one thing that is just wildly offensive.”

Connor then plays an excerpt from one of Russell’s cringiest videos entitled “what it’s like being a bachelor in real life,” where the TikToker advises single men to build up a “stable” of women (who he refers to as “mares,” or female horses), “that you can hit up to go on dates with, do stuff in the bedroom with, all of that.”

“As awesome as this dude makes his life out to be, when I look at his videos, I just see a sad guy,” Connor later adds.

Hatley isn’t the only dating coach to come under fire on social media in recent months. In January, an Australian bookstore had to beg clients of a local service to stop using its facility as a practice ground for “pick-up” techniques.

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