Professional skimboarder surfs on a $9 thrift store coffee table

Austin Keen is a world champion skimboarder. Skimboarding is when the person rides a board to glide across the ocean’s surface to meet an incoming breaking wave and then rides the wave back to shore.

Keen is renowned for his skimboarding talent, which was highlighted after Sports Center shared a few highlights from Instagram.

In one of the clips from 2018, Keen rides on a $9 coffee table he got from the Goodwill. He expertly rides the rather tumultuous waves with ease. At the time, the trick went viral and Keen auctioned off the table to raise money for Water Walkers

different video features Keen skimboarding with dolphins. He rides on the water’s surface while a dolphin swims just below it and then right next to him, in the once-in-a-lifetime shot. 

But perhaps the biggest flex from the set of stunts is one from 2017.  Keen rushes down the beach, toward the ocean, with his skimboard in hand. He throws his skimboard down and skids into the water to surf the tidal wave. When Keen is in midair, he lifts the board, spins his entire body then perfectly lands. 

“I’m not sure what this is called but it was fun!” the caption said. 

Yep, he’s just inventing tricks out there! Even the rapper Saweetie gave Keen a few flame emojis in the Sports Center comments. The athlete is undeniably fire. 

“The real Aquaman,” someone commented. 

“Unreal,” one user added. 

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