Professor flustered after realizing major blunder during 2-hour lecture

A professor in Singapore was left aghast after he learned that his microphone was muted during his nearly 2-hour lecture.

On Jan. 23, user @queen_yx_ shared a TikTok in which her teacher, Dong Wang, an associate professor from the mathematics department at the National University of Singapore, had just finished his online lecture but soon learned some bad news.

“Any questions? No, [then] we can finish our class,” Wang tells his class. “Do you have any questions?”


just a regular day of lecture on online school 😭🤣 watch till the end !!!

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There is a slight pause before several students jump in.

“Actually, prof, you’re muted all the while, so we cannot hear anything from you since 6:08,” one tells Wang.

Stunned, the professor can’t seem to believe what he’s hearing.

“From what?” Wang asks the student.

When the student repeats the time, the professor looks to the side — presumably a clock on his wall — and realizes that it is now 8 p.m. It takes him a second to process what has just happened before he asks for clarification.

“You mean, how long did you hear?” he asks.

“From the first few minutes,” one student replies.

“Then from 6:08 onwards, your screen froze, and we hear nothing from you ever since,” another adds.

At this point, Wang appears dumbfounded and hyperventilates for several seconds.

“Okay, so maybe I will redo this class some time,” he reluctantly says.

The TikTok has since gone viral, receiving nearly 665,000 views, and plenty of sympathetic comments.

“Tel me its a prank please,” one person wrote. “I feel so bad for this Prof.”

“I feel so bad for him, he looks like he’s going to cry,” another added.

“Oh my goodness poor dude,” one person simply wrote.

When several users asked why @queen_yx_ or her classmates didn’t let Wang know that his microphone was muted during his lecture, she responded that they tried to but to no avail.

“This wasn’t a prank!” she wrote. “He [disconnected] from the audio since the start so he [couldn’t] hear anyone, vice versa. [He didn’t] check the chatbox/[notifications] the students sent.”

The TikTok was also shared on YouTube, where one of Wang’s alleged students seemed to figure out the cause of the professor’s mishap.

“If you were wondering how the prof couldn’t hear us, he was doing the whole lesson on an iPad, so you can expect many things to go wrong on such a setup,” the student commented. “After this incident, he left his phone beside him whenever he is conducting lecture so we could call him in case of emergency.”

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