Mom turns ceiling into a projector screen to help ‘squiggly’ toddler during hair detangling: ‘Freakin genius!’

This mom’s brilliant hack for detangling her daughter’s hair might be the perfect solution for fidgety kids

Kids aren’t always necessarily excited about personal hygiene. Whether it’s bathtime or a hair washing session, those little tykes can throw a fit. Yasmine is a nurse and gestational surrogate. She shares vlogs about motherhood, her life and her kids on TikTok. The mother posted a video about how she gets her daughter to sit still while washing her hair.  


My husband is such a girl dad..but this one helps me! #lifehack #momhacks #RaisedBy #mom #projector

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“This is a lifehack for the moms,” Yasmine explained. “If you have a squiggly toddler who doesn’t like to get her hair done, get you a cheap projector and put on their favorite show while you detangle. Hope this helps.” 

The little girl laid on the kitchen island with her head over the sink. And as Yasmine detangled her daughter’s hair, the toddler was facing up.

The mother placed a projector aimed at the ceiling on the counter. Her daughter was totally mesmerized by the cartoon and too distracted to make a fuss. 

TikTok was obsessed with Yasmine’s idea

“Genius, I have two girls who detest wash day!” one person commented.

“You just won mom of the year. Freakin’ genius!” a user said

“This is what they do at my dentist’s office. I’m a fan,” another wrote

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