High schooler shares the prom dress she ordered versus what it actually looked like in person: ‘No words’

We’ve all fallen victim to buying something online that looked amazing, only to get it home and discover that the real thing is nothing like the pictures. But people on TikTok can’t believe the “expectation vs. reality” of one high schooler’s prom dress purchase, which arrived looking nothing like the original.

“Iykyk,” wrote student Nyla (@nyla_wright) in her TikTok caption before adding that she had “no words” for the accidental dress fail.

In the clip, Nyla explains that she loves sparkly dresses and chose a glittery gold gown for her upcoming prom she was presumably excited about.

In the first photo, she shares an image of what it should have looked like, per the online ad. But in a second photo, she shows how it actually looked on her in person, and let’s just say that it seemed like two completely different dresses.

In the comments, most people could not believe their eyes.

“i need to know what ur doing now bc i am stressedddd for u,” one user wrote.

“I’d be crying,” said another.

“bro i was gonna order the exact same dress in purple but found a review site saying that website was tery,” added someone else.

One person rudely told the TikToker that it must be her body, and not the dress, causing the garment to look so different.

Nyla later posted an update refuting that claim.

“sure but the dress ugly fr,” the TikToker wrote in her caption.


Replying to @steniah16 🤦🏽‍♀️sure but the dress ugly fr #greenscreensticker #prom #dress #fail #prom2023 #fyp

♬ original sound – Nyla🫶🏽

Others chimed in to defend the TikToker.

“no it’s definitely the dress,” one person wrote.

“It’s the fact that it doesn’t even look like the picture,” someone else added.

Luckily, Nyla was able to purchase another dress that arrived just in time for prom — and this time, it looked amazing.

The sparkly lavender gown was even more elaborate than the first and instantly won over thousands of people on TikTok.

“deffo an upgrade,” wrote one user, while others told her she was “stunning” and “gorgeous” in the new dress.

“OMG I LOVEEEEE,” said someone else as another commented, “Now this is a prom dress.”

It’s safe to say that the whole dress snafu wound up being OK in the end, as Nyla posted other updates to share that she had a great night and definitely felt beautiful in her gown.

She even posted several follow-up videos, giving a behind-the-scenes look at her prom photo shoot.

Despite all the stress the dress mix-up caused, it seems like all’s well that ends well — especially in Nyla’s world.

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