Prosthetic artists share how their work can change people’s lives

A young apprentice is sharing how prosthetic body parts help people in recovery cope. 

Allison Vest, MS, CCA is the owner and Certified Anaplastologist of the clinic that creates prosthetic body parts featured on the TikTok account, prostheticartist. When Kathryn McKean became an apprentice at Vest’s practice, the 20-year-old suggested using TikTok as a way to reach more people. 

“She was very motivated to up our social media presence,” Vest told In The Know, “She believes (and it has proved to be true) that we can reach more young people. In the past, our marketing to doctors has reached many people, but I believe TikTok is working to reach a different group of people very effectively.”

On TikTok, you can usually find McKean providing a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making prosthetics and how it can change people’s lives. 

In one video, McKean showed how a pair of glasses with an eye prosthetic can be used daily with ease — especially for elderly patients.

Another video featured a satisfied client who had a prosthetic ear installed. It was hardly apparent the man’s ear was artificial until he pulled it off. 

“It’s amazing. Absolutely amazing,” he said in the clip. 


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Vest said her most rewarding experiences are when her clients experience a transformation that goes beyond just their appearance. 

“An example that comes to mind is the young man who was attacked by a dog when he was a young child. He lost both ears at this time.,” Vest said. “We saw him as a 17-year-old and made him bilateral ears. His grandmother called to thank us saying that he actually finally attended a school dance and has come out of his ‘shell.’ This is the type of thing that we love hearing about. A full recovery.”

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