This simple hack protects your hats from stubborn makeup and sweat stains

It’s a horror story every makeup-wearer knows. There’s nothing more mortifying than when all of that foundation you worked so hard to perfect comes into contact with something and transfers

This can make wearing hats and makeup at the same time feel impossible. Things always start out fine until you take off your cap and discover the rim is covered in foundation and sweat. Removing stubborn makeup stains from fabric is no joke, if possible at all, depending on the material. 

Luckily, In The Know’s Lisa Azcona discovered a product designed to tackle the common issue. 

“I am going to demonstrate how to use disposable protective hat liners to keep your hats fresh, clean and stain-free,” she says. “They’re especially useful if you’re using a light-colored hat.” 

Lisa snagged a pack of hat shields by Hollywood Fashion Secrets

“All you have to do is peel off the adhesive backing strip and stick it onto the area of the hat that you want to protect from makeup, sweat, stains and discoloration,” Lisa explains. 

Each container includes 10 disposable hat shields that can work with ball caps, wide-brim hats, berets, beanies and just about any other style. And for $9.99 or a dollar a liner, these quick fixes won’t break the bank. 

“What I love most about these liners is that they are easy to remove and replace,” Lisa says. “And they work on a wide range of different headwear. The best part is that it’s completely hidden.”  

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