Proud cheetah poses with her four baby cubs at Vienna Zoo

The Tiergarten Vienna Zoo welcomed four baby cheetahs in June. The cubs are a part of a European conservation breeding program which aims to protect the endangered species. The program bred a male, Ghalib, from Germany’s Erfurt zoo and a female, Afra, from Tiergarten to get the litter.

Now the babies are nearly 2 months old and weigh about 4.5 pounds each. Zookeepers say the felines play with each other and will start eating meat soon. The genders of the babies aren’t yet known — but cute has no gender and these fur babies are adorable. 

Each one has small stripes on their faces and spots all over their brown bodies. But it’s really the extra patch of hair fuzzies on their head that makes you want to pet these little guys. Although, you probably shouldn’t pet a cheetah.

Photos of the cubs and their mother were posted on Instagram on August 3. 

“Yesterday, the four young animals were let out of the cave for the first time,” the caption reads. “Now [they] playfully hop through the straw or around mother Afra! The young animals are currently in a protected area in the outdoor area.” 

The zoo said the cubs would be old enough to explore the entire grounds in a couple of weeks, making them more visible to visitors.

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