Mom shares PSA on how to interact with babies during the holidays: ‘Respect the parents’ wishes’

This mom posted a PSA that parents can share to fill in friends and family on how to interact with a baby during social gatherings, and many parents loved her idea and even had a few of their own tips to include. 

Every parent wants their baby’s first holiday season to be special. Still, between cold and flu season, busy gatherings, and an assortment of treats and candy, it can be stressful making sure everyone is on the same page regarding boundaries for engaging with your little one. 


No one wants to be in the hospital with a sick baby after holidays are over, respect the parents wishes! #holidays#holidaypsa#parents#parenting#parentingpsa

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Fortunately, a video from TikToker and parent, Libby Flanagan (@libbyzflanagan), details the dos and don’ts of interacting with little ones during the holidays, and it’s a helpful resource for parents looking to get friends and family on the same wavelength on their rules for their baby

“Hi, friends and family! We’re so excited for you to visit or for us to visit you this holiday season,” Flanagan says while holding her daughter at the beginning of the clip before breaking down her list of rules.  

For her first rule, Flanagan asks people not to feed the baby without the parents’ permission as “holidays can be a really busy time and can lead to more choking risk.” 

Next, Flanagan says to ask before holding the baby, and instead of kissing them, “get down on their eye level and tell them, ‘I love you!’”

Last but not least, Flanagan says, “If you are feeling even the slightest tinge under the weather, or like you might be getting sick, don’t hold the baby,” as an adult’s immune system can withstand more than a baby’s.  

Flanagan closes the video by thanking friends and family for their cooperation, mentioning, “We want to enjoy our time with you, and we also want to enjoy the time afterward with a happy, healthy baby.” 

Parents took to the comments to share their love for Flanagan’s helpful video template as well as some additional tips. 

“As a food allergy mom, I 100% agree with the food rule! NEVER feed a baby who isn’t yours,” one parent stated. 

“I cannot STAND ‘pass the baby!’ My son is not a doll,” declared one TikToker

“At this point in the season, if my family doesn’t listen to this, it’s my baby that will be getting THEM sick with daycare germs,” one mom joked. 

Flanagan’s video is undoubtedly a handy tool to help keep the holidays running as smoothly as possible. 

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