PSA: You can sing pretty much any song with the music from ‘Mr. Brightside’

Thanks to TikTok, I’ve recently come to the troubling realization that you can sing pretty much any song with the music from The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” and it somehow works.

On July 16, TikTok user givemetheaux made a video of just the instrumental version of the song and asked others to duet the video if they could sing.

Well, several users decided to duet the video — though instead of singing the lyrics to “Mr. Brightside,” they decided to sing literally anything else.


best foo fighters song ever !! is my input volume loud enough @jaggiemomo #duet with @givemetheaux #UnitedWeDance #fyp #thekillers #taylorswift #pop

♬ original sound – givemetheaux

Musician josmusic decided to sing “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, joking in his caption that “Mr. Brightside” was the “best Foo Fighters song ever.”

User jaggiemomo went with a different Taylor Swift song — “You Belong With Me” — though somehow it works just as well with the music.

Spencelogan_, meanwhile, used the audio to sing “Mamma Mia” by Abba — and yes, it absolutely slaps.


Punk Goes Pop Vol. 8 coming soon #duet with @givemetheaux

♬ original sound – givemetheaux

And fathudson made a pop punk version of “Replay” by Iyaz that also slaps.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who was surprised to learn that “Mr. Brightside” is basically the Rosetta Stone of music.

“This slapped far too hard,” one person said on the “Love Story”/”Mr. Brightside” combo video.

“Why does it work so well tho,” another user commented on the “Mamma Mia” mash-up.

“You made me forget how the real song went,” a third person wrote on jaggiemomo’s Taylor Swift/Killers medley.

Stay tuned for my attempt at a “High School Musical”/”Mr. Brightside” mash-up. (Or don’t. It’s probably going to be bad.)

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