‘Psychic’ German shepherd puppy shocks parents when he accurately predicts new sibling’s gender: ‘Dogs just know’

Expecting parents involved their first baby — a “psychic” German shepherd named Rollo — in their human baby’s gender reveal, and the footage is going viral on TikTok.

Dad-to-be Nathan Ryles (@nathanryles) gained over 28 million views, 4.8 million likes and 12,000 comments when he and his wife, Tori, posted the video online.

Now, unlike the dad-to-be who enraged millions with how he reacted to his baby’s gender reveal, baby Ryles’s puppy-led gender reveal is stealing people’s hearts across TikTok.

And while we know dogs share special bonds with their humans, Rollo’s accurate prediction proves just how connected he is to his human mom and dad.


We must have a psychic little puppy 🥰 #genderreveal #itsaboy #nathanryles @toristevens4

♬ sᴛᴇʀᴇᴏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛs – 🕷
In the video — captioned “We must have a psychic little puppy” — mom-to-be Tori holds a blue balloon in one hand and a pink one in the other.

We then see little Rollo, their German shepherd puppy, decked out in matching pink and blue ribbons.

Rollo trots across the floor to his mom and confidently approaches one of the balloons. The overly excited pup then accidentally pops the balloon, confirming his prediction.

The video then cuts to Tori holding Rollo, and Nathan holding a giant black balloon. The beaming dad-to-be pops the balloon — revealing that the German shepherd pup’s prediction was correct!

‘Dogs can sense these things…’

TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to the sweet gender reveal in the comments.

Dogs just know,” one user commented.

“When I tell you I got the chills,” another user wrote.

“Dogs can sense these things,” one user replied.

“I love that you included your fur baby in your special day,” wrote another user.

Now, many months after going viral, the Ryles family is enjoying life with their sweet baby, Carter — who is already very best friends with his four-legged brother, Rollo.

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