Pug and toddler release ‘pure serotonin’ when they discover an ordinary flashlight: ‘Two innocent souls having fun’

A giggling toddler and her furry best friend are reminding TikTok that it truly is the little things in life that matter most.

Baby Madison (@m.tothea.d.i) gained over 23.6 million views and 42,000 comments when her parents uploaded the joyful video to their TikTok account.

We’ve seen babies and their canine companions go viral before — like this chocolate lab and her little human who couldn’t contain their joy when Dad comes home — but baby Madi and her pug seem to be touching TikTok’s heart in a very special way.

The video, captioned “When these two find a flashlight,” seems to be a pure source of serotonin for TikTokers around the world.

In our fast-moving, complicated, algorithm-driven world, it can be easy to lose sight of all the miraculous little wonders that life has to offer, like the belly laughter of a chubby toddler or the wiggle of an excited pug’s rump.

Madi and her pup found wonder that day in the form of a simple battery-operated flashlight. No bells or whistles. No flashing screens. Just an ordinary flashlight and a stretch of hallway.

“Nothing more precious than a child’s laugh…”

The laughter and joy that erupted from these two seem to be rippling through the world of TikTok, touching every heart the footage encounters.

“A giggling baby and a crazy dog. Does it even get better than this?” one user asked.

“Nothing more precious than a child’s laugh,” another user commented.

“Two innocent souls having fun,” observed another user.

“It’s amazing that something so simple can entertain them. I love the giggles, [they’re] infectious,” one user commented.

“Oh my gosh, the laugh just totally made my day. Thank you, thank you!” wrote another user.

“Thank you. This is pure serotonin,” commented one user.

“I need that sound as a ringtone. I would smile every time the phone rang. Thank you for sharing,” wrote another user.

Madi and her pug serve as an important reminder to us all: that even at its darkest hour, life is full of joy and wonder; we just need to take the time to look around and see it.

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