Puppy born with six legs is called a ‘miracle’

A six-legged dog named Skipper was just born and so far, she’s beating the odds. 

Neel Veterinary Hospital shared the news of Skipper’s birth on Feb. 21, 2021, when the dog was four days old.

“This is a miracle named Skipper,” the caption read.

Credit: Neel Veterinary Hospital / Facebook

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Vets were stunned that she was born alive, as they found no record of any dog surviving the combination of congenital conditions Skipper has.

“She has one head and chest cavity but two pelvic regions, two lower urinary tracts, two reproductive systems, two tails and six legs among other things,” the veterinary hospital stated. “It is likely that she was going to have a litter mate but they did not separate in utero.” 

The six-legged canine is looking healthy. Skipper’s organs are in good shape, she’s nursing well, growing on time and she’s going to the bathroom regularly. These are all signs that she’ll have a chance at a longer-than-expected life. The tiny brown and white pup also appears to be in good spirits. Her owners shared a video of Skipper enjoying some tickles and petting on Facebook.

“All of her legs move and respond to stimulus just like a normal puppy,” the hospital said. “It’s possible she may need physical therapy and assistance with mobility as she gets older. We will continue to research her conditions, monitor her development during rechecks and help keep Skipper pain-free and comfortable for the rest of life. She is doing well at home now.” 

Unfortunately, Skipper was rejected by her mother and requires bottle feeding. Her owners have created a Skipper’s Journey on Facebook for those who want to follow her progress and a GoFundMe to cover medical expenses. 

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