Puppy hitches a ride on top of mop

Even pets are tired of quarantine at this point.

In search of an adventure, a black and white puppy decided to catch a ride on a mop as its owner tried to clean the floors.

Twitter user Steve, who goes by the username @thboywndr, shared the adorable footage after it was sent to him by his mom. Jasper, the dog, hops aboard the mop and holds on tightly as Steve’s mother tries to clean the floor โ€” you can hear her laughing in the background too.

Dog owners know that sometimes their pets have adverse reactions to cleaning products โ€” especially vacuum cleaners. While it’s not fully understood why dogs attack mops, brooms and vacuums, experts chalk it up to them hating the sound or the “unnatural” movements of the products.

Regardless of their disruptions to household cleaning, animal shelters have seen a spike in pet fostering and adoptions since the start of quarantine. Now that people are stuck at home, dog rescues are running out of dogs to pair with volunteers โ€” which is a great problem to have.

For those of us who remain dog-less for now, at least we have this video of Jasper to play on repeat.

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