Put a lid on it! Reusable lid sells itself as the most convenient kitchen necessity

Regular lids can occasionally fail to live up to their expectations. Enter the SKUZEE by Flytta Design — a reusable lid that boasts itself as “the most convenient lid ever made.”

SKUZEE’s Kickstarter makes a compelling case for the product. The spill-free lid fits most containers and cups — even ones that don’t typically have lids. It also has various attachments like a citrus juicer, tea infuser and chilling wand. SKUZEE users will no longer have to purchase multiple jars, bottles and cups. Instead, they can convert whatever is already in their cupboards into a storage jar or travel mug.

“Every year, we produce over 300 million tons of plastic, 50 percent of which is for single-use purposes, especially bottles, of which more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans,” the Kickstarted states. “SKUZEE is designed to help solve this problem by reducing the usage of plastic bottles and other single-use products.”

The SKUZEE works easily. Just place it on the rim of any container and press it down to secure it. You can fix its various attachments onto the lid to make fresh juice, tea or iced drinks.

“During the design stage, our market surveys indicated that 55 to 60 millimeters and 85 to 90 millimeters were the ‘standard’ and ‘wide’ openings used the most,” according to Kickstarter. “Thus, we designed SKUZEE to match most containers and we have tried to accommodate as many as we can.”

That includes mason jars, Starbucks’ single-use and reusable cups, Ikea dishware and a plethora of other brands.

There’s clearly interest in the project which has raised over $54,000 after a modest goal of $8,000.

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