Put dental floss to work around the house with these easy hacks

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of dental floss numerous times, but did you know that floss can help with more than just cleaning teeth? With just one string of dental floss, you can slice the perfect piece of cake, fasten the clasp on a bracelet one-handed, and much more, thanks to these easy household dental floss hacks!

For these hacks, you will need: 

  • Dental floss
  • Toothpicks 

Dental Floss Hack 1: Cut Perfect Cake Layers

Use dental floss to cut even-sized layers of cake. Stick toothpicks around the perimeter of the cake to use as height markers, then wrap the floss around the cake and pull it through to slice.  

Dental Floss Hack 2: Remove A Stuck Ring From Your Finger

Remove a stuck ring from your finger with the help of dental floss. Simply thread the floss underneath the ring, then grab both ends and twist off the ring

Dental Floss Hack 3: Unstick Food From Baking Tray 

Use dental floss to easily remove stuck food from a baking tray. Wrap the dental floss around the bottom of the stuck food, then gently pull and wiggle both ends from side to side to remove it from the tray.  

Dental Floss Hack 4: Fasten A Bracelet With One Hand

Securing the clasp on a bracelet has never been easier, thanks to this dental floss hack. Just thread the floss through the jump ring at one end of the bracelet, then wrap the bracelet around your wrist while holding the jump ring in place with both ends of the floss to secure the clasp. 

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