Never lose a puzzle piece again with this mom’s creative hack

This TikTok parent shared a brilliantly simple hack for keeping puzzle pieces from getting lost!

Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) is a parent who loves sharing useful parenting hacks on TikTok. Shannon recently shared a hack for preventing puzzle pieces from getting lost, and it’s absolutely genius!

The hack? Attach velcro to your puzzle pieces!

In the video, Shannon reveals exactly how her hack works. “Lose puzzle pieces all over the house? I have a hack for that,” the clever parent explains. “The next time you get a puzzle for your kid, get these little velcro dots.”

Shannon grabs a colorful children’s puzzle decorated with elephants, flamingos, and other animals, then holds up a sheet of small velcro dots. Unlike more complex adult puzzles, the puzzle Shannon is using has a cardboard back that the pieces fit into. 

“Put one [velcro dot] on the puzzle piece and then one on the board,” she explains, placing a velcro dot on an elephant puzzle piece, and a second dot onto the puzzle. “The pieces will stick right onto the board and you’ll never lose them again.”

Shannon’s hack is designed for parents of young kids and works perfectly with any children’s puzzle that has a board the pieces fit into. It’s great for keeping puzzles organized, and prevents pieces from getting lost or mixed in with other puzzles.

Viewers were impressed by Shannon’s creative puzzle hack.

“Genius!” one viewer wrote. 

“Great idea. I can save all the puzzle pieces for my grandbabies,” another viewer responded. 

“That would have been helpful to see a couple hours ago,” joked another TikToker. 

Of course, Shannon’s hack didn’t work for every parent. One TikToker complained, “My child just ripped all the puzzles apart and even some of the velcro off.”

If you’ve ever found a stray puzzle piece under the couch in your living room, or opened a toy chest to find it full of puzzle pieces with no puzzles in sight, you can probably appreciate Shannon’s hack. Putting velcro on puzzle pieces might seem simple, but it can save busy parents a lot of time in the long run!

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