Quarantined couple stuns with impromptu work-from-home duet

A quarantined couple has captured hearts across the internet with their beautiful, unrehearsed rendition of a Disney classic.

AJ Rafael, a 31-year-old singer and songwriter from Glendale, Calif., recorded the impromptu duet with his girlfriend, 25-year-old Alyssa Navarro, on Aug. 18 as she casually submitted her work expenses in their shared work-from-home setup.

In the clip, which has since been viewed over 5.4M times, Rafael begins playing “Reflection” from “Mulan” on the piano, a musical prompt that Navarro effortlessly jumps in on.

“Even when working… @alyssugh is a beautiful singing princess,” Rafael captioned the now-viral video.


Even when working… @alyssugh is a beautiful singing princess 😭

♬ Reflection by alyssugh ajrafaelmusic – ajrafaelmusic

TikTok users were simply stunned by how beautifully Navarro, who works in Multicultural Audience Engagement at Walt Disney Studios, executed the performance without even looking away from her computer.

“She casually updating the excel doc,” one viewer wrote.

“To think she was just casually singing without warm up and unaware you were filming – i am in tears!” said another.

“Petition to make her the next Disney princess,” proposed a third.

Although social media users are absolutely enchanted by the nonchalant rendition, Rafael told In The Know that this type of occurrence is nothing out of the ordinary in the musically-inclined couple’s home.

“Alyssa and I sing around the apartment all the time,” he said. “Even when we’re in the car we like to make up songs and belt out Disney tunes.”

“The moment I captured was really not out of the ordinary, and I think that might be why so many people connected to it,” he continued. “Just a real moment during a day in the life.”

Ever since Navarro began working from home and sharing an office space with Rafael, the pair says their dueting has become even more frequent — this just happened to be the instance they caught on camera.

“AJ is always playing piano and even when I’m working I usually sing along,” Navarro told In The Know. “This time he just happened to be filming it!”

After Rafael posted the initial video, Navarro says she entered back-to-back Zoom meetings at work and only learned her singing had gone viral later that day.

“Once I finally had a chance to check my social media and saw it was blowing up I was in complete shock,” she said. “I started going through the comments and everyone was being so nice. Some people even said it made them cry.”


how does the vid @ajrafaelmusic posted of me have over 1 mil views?!?! overwhelmed by all the love thank u all 🥺💕

♬ original sound – do1an

To make things even sweeter, Lea Salonga, the original singing voice of Mulan, commented on a version of the video shared on Facebook, writing that the performance was “amazeballs!”

“I definitely shed some happy tears,” Navarro said of the feedback. “It’s heartwarming to know that something I love to do even when no one is watching brought a glimmer of happiness to someone’s day.”

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