‘Queer Eye’ star Bobby Berk addresses jokes about him doing the most work on the show

Bobby Berk, one-fifth of Netflix’s “Queer Eye” revamp, has been at the center of an ongoing joke about how he gets the majority of the work done and doesn’t get enough screentime for it pretty much since the show started.

Now, it appears Bobby himself has caught on to the joke. The fifth season of “Queer Eye” dropped on Netflix on June 5, so naturally new memes, tweets and TikToks have come out of the woodwork about the show — including this one by user Gen, who goes by geneleave on the app.

According to another TikTok geneleave uploaded, Bobby actually duetted the original TikTok with a facial expression that seemed to imply that he totally agrees that he does the most work on the show. Bobby has since deleted the duet, but a Twitter user managed to record it before it disappeared.

Justice for Bobby.

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