Racers rough it through tough terrain at fourth annual Red Bull Tuk It

Red Bull Tuk It honored the Sri Lankan tuk-tuk for the fourth time this past February. The elaborate event is a test of the body and mind, according to Red Bull.

During the event, Sri Lankans race three-wheeled rickshaws through off-road terrains and bustling city streets. Yes, a lot of tuk-tuks tip over and things get messy, but that’s all a part of the fun.

This year, 237 teams comprised of three people each participated. The competitors had to travel all over Sri Lanka for the two-day event. They traversed traffic, overcame bad weather conditions and searched for clues all before time ran out.

According to Red Bull, the four stages of the Tuk It challenge “covered a variety of tough terrain, challenges and tasks unique to the local area.” During some challenges, players had to hang off the side of the vehicle just to prevent it from rolling over.

A prize was awarded both to the first team to finish the long race and to the team with the most creative tuk-tuk. The overall winner this year was Team 93-4, and Team Lion won most creative tuk-tuk. Team Jenny also made history as the first all-women team to compete, and Team One Beat was the first-ever international team to join the competition.

Due to COVID-19, the next tuk-tuk race will take place in October 2021 and will feature a much longer 13-day treasure hunt with more than 1,000 challenges.

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